Kalamay sa Latik with sticky rice cake stewed in simple syrup, coconut curds, and jackfruit strips. Sweet, chewy and fragrant, this Filipino sweet delicacy is delicious for dessert or midday snack.

Have you tried my minatamis na langka recipe yet? I hope you have because today, we’re going to be needing strips of sweetened jackfruit to make a delicious Filipino delicacy you’re sure to love. Yep, we’re making kalamay sa latik!

Kalamay sa latik is a type of FIlipino kakanin wherein a mixture of glutinous rice and coconut milk is steamed until set and of chewy consistency. The steamed rice cake is then sliced into serving pieces and bathed in a caramel syrup with a generous sprinkling of coconut curds (latik) and strips of sweetened jackfruit for added sweetness and depth of flavor.

The recipe does seem complicated with a series of steps (the latik, the kalamay, the syrup, the minatamis na langka) to pull it together but don’t let this deter you. The process is pretty simple to complete and in less than one hour, you’ll have a sweet, gooey and super yummy dessert to enjoy. Just remember to line the steamer basket with cheesecloth as the steamed cake can get pretty sticky and hard to remove.

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